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4 Maintenance Tips for Custom-Made Beauty Wear Uniform

Just like other uniforms, beauty and wellness workers’ uniforms in Brisbane are also made of professional-grade materials. They’re comfortable, easy to maintain, and fairly durable; a great overall investment.

Nonetheless, maintaining your uniform in peak condition may require some extra care on your end. These methods aren’t radical or innovative, but they’ll go a long way.

Here are some maintenance tips to keep your uniforms as good as new.

1. Follow The Instructions

When you are given instructions from the manufacturer, do not ignore them. Keep in mind that the custom uniform you bought is made especially for you. and the instructions might just help the garment last longer.

From the washing stage to drying, be aware of the fabric you’re working with and how to treat it. Pay heed to specifications about machine or hand-washing, water temperature, or mixing colours.

uniforms in Brisbane

2. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

The fabric of your uniform is not just any fabric. It is a special blend of different types of fabric specifically suited for beauty wear or spa uniforms.

This means that you should not use harsh detergents or bleach on it as this may damage the fabric. The thing to do is use mild soap and water or an automatic washing machine. And if you’re dealing with stubborn stains, there is an even better way…

3. Be Responsive Against Stains

You need to act quickly against fresh stains, which can be caused by any number of things. For example, spilled coffee on uniforms can become hard to clean. If you don’t get rid of the stain immediately, it will spread and ruin the entire uniform.

Some stains, such as ink or blood, can be removed with a little bit of time and effort. But others, like grease stains from oil or butter, are much more difficult to clean. If you don’t know how to remove them, it’s best to bring them in for professional cleaning.

4. Consider Air Drying

Putting your custom-made beauty wear uniforms in the dryer can damage their fabric. The heat can damage the fabric, causing it to shrink, lose its shape, or develop an unwanted texture.

Air drying your uniforms instead of using a dryer will help protect the fabric and keep it looking good. Plus, it maintains a nice, comfortable texture.


Keeping your custom uniform in Brisbane in the best condition possible is a smart idea. Follow these tips and you’re good to go.

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