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Different Ways to Wear the Polka Dot Trend

The huge trend that we have seen on the runways this year is the polka dot trend that is being followed by almost all the fashion brands. This trend has become famous around both men and women. You can find this trend printed on formal shirts as well which has taken the name dotted shirts now.

Some individuals out there do not like the polka trend as they think that it is too prominent and flashy. Well the thing is that you can wear this trend in different ways. If you don’t have the courage to wear a dotted shirt or a trouser with polka dots on it then you can shift to small accessories that have the same style.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the different ways in which you can wear the polka dot trend. You can go with the prominent looks or the less flashy looks; it entirely depends on your personality. So without any further due let us look at what the polka dot trend has conquered.

  • Shirts and tops

You can get formal shirts for male and female both in the polka dot style. Plus for the females you can also get trendy polka dotted tops as well that look classy and sleek at the same time. You can pair these shirts and tops with almost all colors.

  • Trousers and pants

We have also seen some trousers and pants in the polka dot trend on the runways. The polka dotted trousers speak weekend themselves thus they are perfect for a Sunday brunch with family or friends whereas polka dotted pants are highly professional and stylist for singers, footballs and people who like to stay up to date with the fashion.

  • Skirts

When we talk about the ladies then almost every woman has a polka dotted skirt in their wardrobe because it is highly in fashion. You can get it in different color combinations, the most common is white and black, and you get them in different sized dots as well depending on how prominent you want the dots to be.

  • Scarfs

If you are not comfortable wearing apparel this is very prominent then you can go with the polka dotted scarves that are in fashion as well. They would go perfectly with your pant suits and your skirts as well. Perfect trend for the winter season.

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