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Battle of the Better: Acoustic vs Digital Piano

No matter if you buy the Roland digital piano Sydney or another such expensive and high-quality piano for yourself, unless or until you have no knowledge about its use, mechanism of working, etc you will not be able to make the best use of it. When we talk about pianos, both acoustic and digital piano can be compared with each other because they differ in terms of sound, maintenance, versatility, pedals, required hours of practice, touch sensitivity, price, and much more. We have compiled all these differences here to let you know which one is better for your use. Let us get started with it now.

1.      Sound

When we talk about the difference in the sound of an acoustic and digital piano, then surprisingly the vote is in favor of acoustic piano. This is because when you play it, it feels more real, mild to the ears, and have better resonance as well. In this piano, unlike the digital one, you have complete control over the pitch, sharpness and the expression you want to put in it. So, we can conclude that a digital piano is not as good as the acoustic piano is, especially when it comes to professional use.

2.      Maintenance

We all know that acoustic piano is more delicate compared to the digital one, so naturally, the maintenance required for acoustic is more, even more than the Roland digital piano Sydney. You are supposed to get professional assistance in maintaining it by tuning twice a year. Other than this, an acoustic piano is more vulnerable to humidity and high-temperature range because of wooden case, so you have to keep it at a temperature no less or more than 20 degrees, and humidity range of 45 to 70 percent.

3.      Utility and Portability

The recording, along with control on volume is much better in the case of acoustic piano compared to the digital ones. Also, they are all portable no matter which type you buy and what kind of mechanism or setup they have. So, we can fairly declare acoustic piano better than the digital one in terms of utility and portability.


 Even if you have to buy a piano for sale Gold Coast which is generally expensive, then always try to get the acoustic one only. It might need more effort to manage and maintain, but trust me it will give you the best experience with your tracks.

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